Audio + AV

Sound Planning

I have been making places sound good for over 30-years. It started in the late 80s at the Sound Post music store selling musical instruments and PA systems. After this, I started working for a small company that did church sound systems. This means of money while I was playing in my band was turning into a career by the late 90s. 

I am currently VP of Sales & Systems Design at Sound Planning Associates, Inc. and have been there going on 10-years. We specialize in sound and AV for churches, theaters, schools and corporate facilities.

St. Peter Catholic Church EASE Acoustic Model

This is a quick demo of the EASE model that I created for a project at a catholic church. I use EASE to test and verify the sound reinforcement system and its impact on the room acoustics. This application is somewhat of a pain to use, but it is so helpful in systems design. I use it for every project and over the years of use I could build the models very quickly.