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My Background

I took an elective class in photography while I was at Elmhurst College in 1988.  During this time my instructor had recommended that I consider transferring to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). After a couple of years at SAIC, I drifted away from photography because my band was dominating my creative energy. For the next 15 years I pursued a life making music.

The 90s Were a Transitional Time

As a musician, recording engineer and a photographer, I had invested money, education and most importantly, time, into antiquated technologies. I had learned darkroom techniques before Photoshop was invented. Reel-to-reel tapes were being replaced by ProTools. But sadly, both digital photography and music production technologies in these early days were ugly! (there, I said it.)

A Millennium Reboot

I kept up with technologies during these years: I created music "in the box" and shot digital cameras. I used Photoshop for my band. Designing flyers, CDs and our website graphics became my use of photography. 

I moved from analog to digital, but it was a slow migration to the love of digital. It wasn't until I got a Nikon D750 in 2015, that my love for photography really ignited! Since that time, I feel like I am a new photographer. I just happen to have shot for over 30 years.